- Why We Do It -

  1. 60 % of India is living in villages
  2. Farmers are foodgivers they should be valued, respected and they have the right to dignity and economically viable life.
  3. Rural India has a great potential, it has been underexplored and undervalued.
  4. Developing the villages is crucial for the holistic development of India and stopping the rural exodus to the city.
  5. We believe that the development which strikes a balance between traditional knowledge , experiences of rural people and modernity, in a democratic and consultative framework, works more effectively and is more holistic in nature. The rural communities should be the actors of this development.
  6. For bringing out the potential of rural India it’s necessary that a person is willing to challenge his limitations, realize his potential on his own and has the will to change his socio-economic situation and that of the village too. We facilitate the said process for the individual and the collective.
  7. Education which creates a thinking and capable human being needs to be imparted to the rural children, especially the girls.

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E-Mail : vcdmindia@gmail.com

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