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Before getting married, I already had experienced poverty and misery. We were a family of five brothers and sister. I was the eldest, so I was in charge of maintaining the home, I did not have the opportunity to go to school.

A year after my arrival in my in-laws a grave conflict broke out : all of our lands were claimed by another person in the village because of an error made by a clerk of the administration on our title deed. I was harassed and considered to be bad luck in my family. In India, the woman is supposed to be a positive energy carrier in the husband’s home. The situation became hell, I was close to killing myself.​​

My husband started working in the association as a animator, and soon I decided to join him in this commitment. The association supported us to recover our lands which were unjustly claimed by the village gangsters. I met the animators, dialogued with them, I felt free in their presence. I too decided to make a serious commitment to V.C.D.M.

Until 2009, the arguments and insults were repeated daily in my family, I felt helpless: What to do? Where to go ? The animators and Hema were very supportive, I felt free and emancipated with them. One day in Pune, the animators encouraged me to become an animator: they proposed to me to take care of girls in Pabal facility ( house for education of socio-economically challenged girls ) girls who have nothing, and who can not go to school. They offered me the chance to become mother of these girls, giving them love, psychological, moral and emotional support.

I followed their advice, and started with my husband a new life at Pabal. I do not have daughter of my own, so I feel very happy and fulfilled as a mother of my new daughters. For the past 12 years, I have welcomed, protected, guided, educated, these girls, it has become the main goal of my life and I will not exchange with anything else. Through this goal I found my dignity. It’s a new birth.

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