I am Pauline Charriot. I have a Masters degree in Development Studies from La Sorbonne University in Paris. I help V.C.D.M in the fields of organisational and technical development. I am attached to JA-VIZ-TA, partner of V.C.D.M, association whose main objective is the support of grassroot movements and associations. V.C.D.M is a farmers’ movement that has been working for 40 years for holistic rural development in the state of Maharashtra. Their success lies in their development model as well as in their democratic methodology, deeply rooted in the territory.

The facilitators of V.C.D.M have asked me to help them in having an overview of V.C.D.M. and its development in recent times. I am involved in conducting a performance audit of this movement. I identify the needs and potentials of V.C.D.M, and these will serve us as a basis to build together a development strategy that will be in harmony with their aims and objectives. It is a very rich collaborative work, where a beautiful alchemy has formed between my vision as a development professional and their expertise of their development methodology, in relation to the rural environment. Together, we will build feasible, innovative and appropriate strategies for their field of action that makes maximum use of the local resources.

Contact Info

Address : 884 Rairkar Bungalow, Deccan Gymkhana’411004 Pune, Maharashtra,India

E-Mail : vcdmindia@gmail.com

Telephone :
Kanad Joag 9421643636
Pauline Charriot 9075491765


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