Village Mahagaw, Taluka Mawal

Before joining the V.C.D.M association, my life consisted of two things: cooking and taking care of children. I never learned to express my thoughts to others, it was an insurmountable for me ! In the same way, I never participated in the decisions within my family as well as in my village. I did not have the will, I did not know how to do it !

All of this was of course quickly called into question, from the moment I attended the self-education meetings in Pabal. Participating has become a natural exercise. During these exchanges, I understood many things. Especially what “being human” meant, I felt it. As a human being, I have the power, the ability to have a clear, relevant speech. I discovered the powers of words, as well as the different ways of using them. I also understood that it is necessary to de compartmentalize our society, men and women must come together on an equal footing and solve their problems together, without which no in-depth change will take place!

In the villages of India, the inhabitants are farmers, they are economically weak, they feel very often powerless, hostages of the choice of others in order to live a dignified life. Access to water, irrigation, loans are the choices of some technocrats who stipulate on their side. We stand behind these peasants, with the sense of solidarity. We are not new leaders, no ! We act as catalysts, animators – asking questions, interacting with them, triggering new ideas. In this way, we help them resolve their problems by themselves. It is a long process of mutual education. My greatest pride is to have succeeded in creating a kindergarten in the tribal locality of my village

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