Village Mahawag, Taluka Mawal

Before V.C.D.M, my life was pretty “closed”, I took care of children, and I cooked, that’s all! I had never set foot in the local assembly of my village, nor at a meeting of a social nature. I lacked courage. I decided a few years ago to join one of the macro-economic groups initiated by a person from my village, who was also an animator of V.C.D.M. This group was reserved only for women, it was an opportunity to talk about our joys, as well as our sorrows. Sometimes, we spent time on topics such as health, taboos, education of women … topics close to our hearts, but unfortunately we had no space to talk about them before ! These dialogues gave women confidence, tongues relaxed, new things were understood together. I started, accompanied by the other women, to attend regularly the village parliamentary assembly as well as gatherings related to the social issues.

In 2015, I decided to join the association V.C.D.M, every month I went to Pune to meet the other animators of the association. They began to train me to animate such meetings in my village. I started to enjoy these meetings. Back in my village, it was my duty to share with the other women the new ideas, conclusions that had emerged during the meetings in Pune.

Before, we were very reluctant to carry out our social and administrative duties in our village. Today, we understand that it is necessary for a good life and success in profession, which is farming, access to the government schemes and programs and participation in village governance.

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