Village Ajivali, Taluka Mawal

I have been involved with V.C.D.M for 20 years. Before that, my identity boiled down to being a housewife. I was widowed and helpless. A single woman in rural society has no place. She is considered as a slave without any say.

Before V.C.D.M I had not received any education, I was illiterate. With V.C.D.M, I learned to think for myself : to observe, question, analyse. Is not this the ultimate goal of education? I became a full human and citizen, able to collaborate, dialogue, with others. Collective dialogue and resolving issues democratically, animate people to better their lives, is for me an exercise in everyday life. I have not only received a training of the mind, I have also been sensitized, informed about many topics: political, economic, health, cultural and social. I am an educated woman today, without any formal schooling. Participating in the meetings organised by the V.C.D.M animators inspired me. I learned a lot at my first seminar organised by V.C.D.M. Most of what I learned is expressed in this sentence, I am a human being, and I can and must claim my humanity by bettering my life.

I organized meetings in my village. My courage took shape, but not only mine, also of the other women in the village. We women gathered together to discuss our problems, their causes and the solutions we could provide. Thanks to that, our quality of life changed. We have become women, more aware of ourselves and the world around us. We were now the ‘change’, and that was our identity.

My main goal was for the village woman to be independent. The women must gather, help each other, acquire tools, practices, psychological development to become independent, in this way, they will be able to help their family, and by ricochet, the whole village. I worked on many projects : village water supply, the participation of women in the village assembly, and for 10 years, I hosted at home about fifteen girls, so that they could study, in a healthy and stimulating environment. Today, these girls have grown up, and a new horizon has opened up for them

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