I have been associated with V.C.D.M since 1998. I immediately understood that my experiences and my ideas were limited. It was necessary for me to learn from others in order to open my field of understanding and perception. I did not have direction, I understood this thanks to V.C.D.M. Thanks to the scientific method we used, I became progressively more sensitive and aware of my life and those of others. I realized that I was becoming “educated”. Gradually, I was able to change my own life and that of my family, on many levels: social, economic etc. I went from the darkness to the light.

I soon started to gather farmers around and organized to raise awareness regarding different issues and instill into them more democratic habits. The villagers were completely ignorant and disinterested of local politics, few people were able to understand the advantages offered by the village parliament. I made serious efforts to sensitize people and to make them understand that the village parliament belongs to them, they are members of it and must exercise their rights to improve their life as well as that of the village.

People have gradually realized that this platform must be used to claim their rights and improve their lives. And gradually, they took their place in this body, put questions to the ruling class and became a necessary counterweight to a healthy local democratic life. Their confidence grew stronger, they felt more comfortable speaking in public. Thanks to our efforts, the roads were built, the public transport got facilitated as well, we were able to have drinking water. Several years ago we created a milk cooperative, which allowed the farmers to have hard cash, which is essential to survive in modern times.

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E-Mail : vcdmindia@gmail.com

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