Our mission

Today Banyan support house is hosting 15 girls from 6 years to 18 years . Girls are provided with shelter, meals, medical care and other amenities necessary for child development. All of the girls come from socio-economically challenged backgrounds  which makes it hard for them to go to school, study, have multi-directional education.

Girls are going to school everyday. Tai and Kaluram are looking after the girls, their studies. They provide a safe, stable and loving environment to the girls as it is crucial for their overall development.

Divya's beautiful journey

"I came to know what exaclty the power of speech means and how to use it properly"

Holistic education

Girls are introduced to several activities like yoga, theater, dance, music,farming, playground etc. All these opportunities are new spaces given to them to express themselves, to learn, to explore their personalities, to develop communication skills, and to shape their confidence. V.C.D.M is preparing the tomorrow’s citizen, in rural areas,  by creating space for discussions about several topics related to several subjects like gender issues, traditionnal knowledge etc.

Anu, on the road to becoming a mathematician

"I got more love from my uncle and aunty than I get from home"

More than 200 girls have benefited from The Banyan Tree Support House.

Skill development and artistic activities

Contact Info

Address : 884 Rairkar Bungalow, Deccan Gymkhana’411004 Pune, Maharashtra,India

E-Mail : vcdmindia@gmail.com

Telephone :
Kanad Joag 9421643636
Pauline Charriot 9075491765


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