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  1. The animator is  a villager who is working for the holistic development of his village communities.
  2. He is expert of his environnement e.g. : issues, taboos, limitations, advantages, culture etc
  3. ​He facilitates the inhabitants of his village in order to take their socio-economic development and destiny in their own hands.
  4. ​In acting at the grassroots level, he touches the society at large.


​1. To identify local problems :  observation, personal relationship with inhabitants (door to door work).

2. To gather inhabitants around common issues : creation of an healthy, democratic, open space.

3. To approach common issues in a rational manner using observation, inquiry, analysis with emphasis on education, awareness and will building to come to the conclusion.

4. To stimulate and build personnal and collective capacities.

5. To research individually, collectivly and democraticly solutions to common socio-economic problems.

6. Collective actions for e.g. : to participate in village council meeting (grama sabha), hold officers and others authorities accountable etc.

Contact Info

Address : 884 Rairkar Bungalow, Deccan Gymkhana’411004 Pune, Maharashtra,India

E-Mail : vcdmindia@gmail.com

Telephone :
Kanad Joag 9421643636
Pauline Charriot 9075491765


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