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Following can give you an idea about the childrens’s needs.
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Give monthly

RS 2000  : can bring for a child, good nutrition, accommodation, medical care and accessories for school for one month.

RS 3000  : can bring the previous benefits, plus tuitions and vocational courses.

RS 5000  : previous benefits plus psychological counseling and extracurricular activities.

Give once :

RS 24,000  : can bring for a child good nutrition, medical care and accessories for school to a child for one year.

RS 36,000  : can bring the previous benefits, plus tuitions and vocational courses for a child for one year.

RS 60,000  : previous benefits plus psychological counseling and extracurricular activities for a child for one year.

Volunteer With Us

Volunteers at VCDM bring their skills, experience and enthusiasm to a broad range of tasks in the organisation.
If you think you have something to contribute, a skill, a talent please contact us ! We are interested in people who are having skills in the following domains : communication, child education and development, organic farming, tailoring and fashion. We are also looking for some volunteers who would like to spend their time with girls in the Banyan Tree House. Girls are happy to make new activities, meet new people and have conversation !



, France

The first thing I remember about VCDM is the power of the women, their fights. Women I met in VCDM had more self-esteem, more will. They wanted to find their own place in society, in using the tool given by VCDM. Through theater, singing, meetings etc..they built a collective power. All the animators of VCDM, whatever their sex were happy to be what they are, and in same time they understand the changes they can infuse in their village and life. I was happy to meet them, thank to this experience I understood how much active democracy help you to be actor of your life. It is fundamental for the citizenship, for your own growth and finally to find your place in society. I think that the exchange between volunteer and foreign students are very important for both the side. It help you to challenge yourself, your choices and your culture.Thanks a lot to VCDM for the experience, and for the richness of our meetings.

I was always dreaming about volunteering in a foreign country. When I was traveling through India last year I finally got the opportunity to help out in the amazing social work done by VCDM ,located in Pabal, Maharashtra, India. The organisation supports children of different ages with complicated family backgrounds. They offer a safe home, education and proper food to the kids.

I found it very interesting to experience an authentic Indian village far away from the tourist sites. This gave me the chance to dive deep into the Indian culture, their traditions and their every-daylife.

When we arrived at the farm, the lovely caretakers Mamma and Tai welcomed us with a delicious homemade lunch. The meal was prepared with fresh vegetables that are grown directly on the fields of the farm. Truly zero kilometre food! We got to know the kids when they came back from school in the early afternoon. At first, they were a bit shy but soon we broke the ice with music and dancing. I fell in love with them immediately.


, Austria


You’re welcome to visit our projects. We can organise a day trip for you.

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