WHO We Are

We are a non profit grassroots movement working for a holistic rural community development and education.

WHY We Do It

60% of the population is living in villages but unfortunately it's potential is unrealized and undervalued. Hence the necessity of our social work.

HOW We Do It

For a social project to be effective it’s essential to take into consideration local needs, local culture and local constraints. Hence we work in tandem with locals.

Holistic Education
Of Under Privilidged Girls

The Banyan tree house is welcoming girls in a secure, safe and loving environment where they can study and develop themselves. To educate a girl is to educate a family and hence a society at large. Read More

Community Development

We have launched different projects for socio-economic development of villages, such as water mangement, access to basic amenities, women empowerment, participation in village governance, creation of small scale businesses and employement creation. Read More


Contact Info

Address : 884 Rairkar Bungalow, Deccan Gymkhana’411004 Pune, Maharashtra,India

E-Mail : vcdmindia@gmail.com

Telephone :
Kanad Joag 9421643636
Pauline Charriot 9075491765


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